10th Anniversary

The year was 2007 when 1 business man and 1 former law enforcement officer (Dexter Girven & Alex Alston) decided to create an avenue for young men of all races. The avenue was adult football. At the time the first league was called The Big East Football Federation- BEFF.

The league in its grassroots stage had only 6 charter teams covering two states (NY & NJ) Since 2007 we have created three leagues ( BEFF-BNEFF & MLF ) and in over 10 years have had well over 60 teams covering from Boston down to North Carolina

Today we have condensed down to 1 League due to managing and focusing better on player’s lives. The league today is known as The MLF-Major League Football and our mission is still the same” change lives amongst our players” We have found that the only tool we can use today to get these young men onboard is sport and it has done so many good things in helping the league deal with the problems that plague our players.

We build up our players and staffs and we re-introduce them back into the very same communities they have grown up in, yes the same communities that still love them and we do that through community service and showing them what we do on Saturdays nights in fun filled family environments.

Please support our Team members and please remember its more than just football being a member of Major League Football is a professional way of life.

Dexter M Girven Sr
President & CEO
The BNEFF Group Inc.